TEDxGoldenGatePark Curator Team

Summer Thommen – Curator & Program Director

Summer Thommen is a professional trainer and facilitator with a focus on Organizational Development, Diversity, and Employee Engagement with 17 years of experience in the training arena. A serious patron of the arts, she runs with a highly creative group of risk-taking artists, musicians, foodies, and entrepreneurs supporting their projects the best she can, often with a home-cooked meal. She studied Organizational Behavior and Leadership at the University of San Francisco. Summer runs her own consulting business, FutureScape Consulting, where she focuses on creating intellectual/emotional/kinesthetic experiences to help businesses increase productivity and profitability through employee engagement and community-building. She is the Director of Training Innovation for the Henderson Group, a communication training and coaching organization committed to helping high visibility teams and individuals succeed by communicating with power, authenticity, and presence. She and the Henderson group are providing all the public-speaking coaching and training for TEDxGoldenGatePark.

Dana Shaps – Curator and Director of Development

Dana is the team manager for FLEX, a new service offered by Fenwick & West that gives high-growth companies access to experienced in-house attorneys on a flexible basis. As a self-described recovering JD, Dana is passionate about being part of a new direction for the legal industry, as well as the innovative Bay Area start-up community. She participates in the Mermaid Series, a community designed to encourage all women to be active and healthy.

Having enjoyed her time in New England at Williams College, and Chicago at Northwestern University School of Law, Dana was unable to stay away from her roots as an Oakland and San Francisco native, where she lives and works now. While she grew up playing piano, violin, and singing with the San Francisco Girls Chorus and various a cappella groups in school, Dana is also very passionate about fitness – she competes in Masters Swimming, and recently completed a triathlon, as well as her first Tough Mudder (if you’re curious: http://toughmudder.com/). Once winter hits, you’ll find her most weekends at Squaw Valley, boarding as hard as possible. She is a terrible tennis player, but that doesn’t stop her from trying.

Besides spending time with her family, one of Dana’s favorite things is finding small ways to make those around her smile. She does this by bringing home-grown vegetables to her friends and co-workers (the tomatoes were a huge success this summer), and using people’s leftover bananas to make extremely unhealthy banana bread for them.

Delilah Brown – Curator & Production/Design Director

Delilah is the Executive/Personal assistant of a mortgage banking firm in the San Francisco area. Delilah recently changed her career path in order to pursue her passion of problem solving, organizing and task management. (Yes, she actually loves doing that!) Her true joy is to enter into a space and create a better environment for all of those around her. Her previous career path managing a holistic center for well being, gave her the knowledge and enlightenment of balance, understanding and the patience one should obtain in order to achieve what it is they desire.

Delilah just moved to Oakland and has recently become a pescetarian, so she is enjoying the venture of finding new and fresh dining experiences. She also is on the pursuit for any outdoor adventures that are considered “off the beaten path” and any new local, hidden purlieus that are beneath the scene. Her love for art has already driven her to many local artist shows and events in the bay area. Traveling to a new destination at least once a month is high on her passion priority list.

When Delilah isn’t venturing, her passion continues in the areas of gardening, practicing yoga, gaming, playing with her pup Smeagol, Game of Throning and yes, creating and organizing.

Christina Cunnison – Curator and Project Manager

Christina is a dedicated educator and health enthusiast. She began her career as a

science teacher, earning teacher of the year in 2006 and went on to participate in a professional study exchange to learn about the educational system in Sweden. With a drive to impact education on a larger scale, she moved back to San Francisco and became a district leader, implementing various initiatives and training educators to improve teacher performance and student achievement. During this time, she completed training at Stanford’s Institute of Design to implement innovative
practices in design thinking. With a desire to inspire change in the community, she is committed to improving education and enhancing people’s lives through holistic health and nutrition.

Christina has a passionate interest in learning and new adventures and delights in exploring all this city has to offer. After discovering the incredible power of living foods, she often suffers from excessive energy from the combination of fresh juice and luscious veggies. She loves to show friends and family how fun and easy it is to incorporate more delicious raw foods into their lives and is excited to bring her interests and passions to a larger audience.

How to Find Good IT Support Melbourne Company

How to Find Good IT Support Melbourne Company

An IT department is one that is assigned major roles to accomplish. Therefore, to make sure that the operations are running well here are some of the secrets to be adopted in order to attain this. In IT Support Melbourne, many companies the IT department acts as the main source of prosperity and the main place of control. Since it is where all the information is stored.You need to consider the size of your company. Since IT, companies exist in different sizes and they determine the extent to which you will need the support. It is important to study your geographical area to know the type of business you are running. This will help you know if the support company will be able to attend to all the areas.

IT Support Melbourne you select should provide you with a guarantee response that will help you in the case that you network fails. You should also consider the level of support you need since IT Support Melbourne have different levels of support. Some of these services may include pay as you go support, Managed service support, Break-fix support and parts included support. Your support team should have reliable number of staff that will be available to your service when you need them. Creating a good relationship with you IT Support Melbourne IT Switch PTY Company is very important since this is one of the ways that will make them get to understand your business strategy.

It is also important to ensure the type of contact you entering with the selected IT support Melbourne. It should be well stated and elaborated in the contract. This is to ensure you understand with the services that are covered in the contract as well as those that are not covered.

Heath Ducker: Sad Childhood To Accomplished Adulthood

Heath Ducker: Sad Childhood To Accomplished Adulthood

Heath Ducker is a man of many talents, yet his upbringing did not set him up for success. He faced a challenging childhood filled with poverty, a struggling single mother, and nine siblings. Heath Ducker took his shadowed past and turned it into something that may help others; he wrote an autobiography at the tender age of 27 titled, ‘Room At The Top’. He is also employed as a successful lawyer in Sydney. Heath Ducker has changed the course of his life through positive thinking and hard work. He is now an activist for children’s rights. Health Ducker is constantly working to end deprivation of the basic necessities for children and provide better resources for struggling parents to be able to care for their children. It can easily be said that Heath Ducker is a man of the people; he has accomplished so much at such a young age and will surely continue to do so.